The best Kitesurfing holidays in Europe for a long weekend (2019)

Here we will list our kitesurfing holidays crushes for 2018. One of the criteria here is the distance from the spot with a well connected airport to most european cities.



In Portugal : In general the water is fresh, the wind is marin thermal which establish at around 2- 3pm, depending the season. The spots are mainly for confirmed kitesurfers, however there are also spots for beginners. The life is not very expensive and the portugese are friendly, the flight to Lisbon and Porto are plentiful. Both airport are well accessible throughout Europe.

Here are some spots :

  • North of Porto there is Viana Do Castello which is less then an hour from the airport. The city is close to the spots. Nearby, there is a large variety of spots for beginners, like Esposende more south or some spots north of the city as well. In the city, there are restaurants and accommodations with great prices
  • Between Porto and Lisbon la lagoa de Obidos. The lagoon is big but there are a lot of people in summer.
  • There is also Peniche/Baléal, which allows you to kite in the afternoon but the wind is generally light and the conditions completely on-shore.
  • Up north, half hour from Lisbon, there is Guincho. It’s a wave spot with pretty strong wind. The conditions requires a good riding level, so not for beginners.
  • Costa Caparica is less then an hour south of Lisbon. The wind is clearly less strong then in Guincho and they are beautiful downwinds along the huge beach. Then, 50km more south, la lagoa de Albufeira, a good spot to begin with.

Kitesurf Spot: Peniche, Portugal



Obviously it’s vast ! First of all the Mediterranean then the Atlantic.

The most famous is Tarifa, just in front of Morocco. To go there there are 3 options. Through Malaga then a 2 hours drive, through Seville 2 to 3 hours drive and Jerez de la Frontera, much less accessible but much closer. The two main wind are the Levante (east wind) and the Poniente (south- west wind). The small town of Tarifa is nice and there are a lot of possibilities to eat, sleep and party. The best spots in the region are Playa Chica, Balneario, Los Lances, La Pena, Valdevaqueros and Punta Paloma. The conditions are perfect : long beaches with fine sand, wind always there, shallow bay for all skills level, relaxed atmosphere and pleasant temperature all year round.

There is also Rosas close to San Pescador about one and half hour north of Barcelona. It’s really close to the french border, so a good spot to go by van. Rosas is a destination for all, the summer months (june-sept) are dominated by the thermal which blows side one shore starboard to offer perfect freeride and freestyle conditions. The wind gets stronger progessively during the day, which allows young kiters and beginners to enjoy in the mornings.



It’s the country with the most coasts and beaches in Europe. We mostly go there by car or van for the weekend.

  • Hyères with two wind directions : sea wind in Capte, la Bergerie, le Mistral or the West on the Almanarre beach. There are some good spots as well west of Toulon.
  • South of Bouche-du-Rhône divison is a very windy region because the tramontane and the mistral as well as the east wind are present. There is the infamous beach of Beauduc, in process of being forbidden access, and nearby the Napoléon beach or Piemanson by east wind. Then Sainte-Marie de la Mer and Montpellier which are major kite places.
  • All the region of Languedoc also gets pretty strong wind with the Tram and the east wind (which is finally often better ).

On the atlantic coast, we can consider that there is no wind from Biarritz to Lacanau. The wind really starts to blow from La Rochelle. This applies to all the atlantic coast according to the evolution of the disturbances.

We like to go in the Region of Quiberon in Brittany and as well just below in Vendée, with its long beaches of Sables-d’Olonne. The closest airport is Nantes, but it’s not always very accessible. Otherwise, the Finistère with sometimes tough and mythical conditions.

France kitesurf spot Lacanau

Kitesurf spot: Lacanau, France



It’s a great option because the wind is blowing on the dutch coast. Down south, the Zeeland Brouwersdam is the most famous region. But if you go by plain, there is also the Ijsselmeer, perfect to begin with. Amsterdam airport is easily accessible with low cost flights throughout Europe. It’s a ideal destination for the weekend. Take care the water is not very warm, make sure to bring a good wetsuit with you.



In Italy there are a lot of really cool spots on the lakes of the northern region with thermals (this winds blow regulary on the north end of this lakes)

Lake Como with it’s spots of « Gerra Lario » and « Colico » is less then an hour from Milan, one of the big european airport. Also beautiful the « Lago Di Garda » west of Venice where a lot of kitesurfers and sailing lovers meet up. Take a wetsuit just in case !

More down south we can’t forget Sicily with the « lagoa de Stagionne » and the Trapani aiport very close by. The water is warm and incredibly turquoise.

There is also Sardinia with it’s 2’000 km of coast and sandy beaches. You will find south the beach of Poetto close to the city of Cagliari, well known for it’s constant wind and very close to the airport.


This small selection of our kitesurfing spot crushes for a long get-away among friends is not to be exhaustive. If you’d like to see our interactive map of the best kitesurfing holidays in Europe, click here.

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