Gin Shaman V2 2019 Test

test gin shaman

(Copyright, Jérome Josserand)

Gin Shaman V2 2019 Test – Jérôme R.  1m80, 100kg

My name is Jerome, I weigh about 100 kg all naked & dry, my son Julien weighs about 70 kg. I have been paragliding for 20 years and kite on snow occasionally for 13/14 years, and very regularly since this winter (almost every weekend). I practice ski touring/kite (I have the chance to share my passions with my children and it’s really nice!). In a more casual way, when we are lucky to have snow and wind in front of us, I like to pull the children in sledges (it goes quickly to the greatest pleasure of everybody)

Til this season, I was kiting with old wings of the past century. I bought the whole range of Gin Shaman V2 (4, 6, 9 and 12 m2) and it change my life. We are super happy with the choice of these wings, because they fly perfectly in “No Wind“ as in turbulent and chopped wind. They have a facility of implementation and driving really disconcerting. They are super stable and safe. You can leave it alone, quiet, to give help to a friend with no trouble !

These wings are so nice, they leave you all the pleasure of skiing, anticipate your direction and make some small turns, ascent and descent. The feeling and power management are amazing. For me, the only negative point is the folding bag. It’s a bit short to allow to close with the bar. I would recommend the 4m2 and 9m2 for a person of +/- 70kg, and the 6m2 and 12m2 for a person of 100kg. With these 2 sizes, compared to the weight, we walk in a range of wind between 10 and 45/50 km/h. With my 100kg I had fun in winds between 40 and 60/65 km/h without putting myself in danger. It’s like a small fighter plane in front of us, it’s GREAT.

To bring down the wing gently with the brake, do not pull too hard, just simply bring it back to you slightly and gently. If you do not want to take off on a ridge or a steep slope, you must absolutely avoid going through the zenith, otherwise you will have to go paragliding. Frankly, I recommend it to everyone beginner as experienced, it’s really great wings, THAT HAPPINESS !

Thank you GIN for these beautiful toys
See ya Jérôme

Gin Shaman V2 2019 Test – Benjamin L.  1m72, 68kg 

Thank you for posting my Gin Shaman V2 2019 Test!

I have been kiting on water and snow since the early 2000s. My practice on the water is exclusively oriented wave surf strapless. On the snow, I am in exploration mode of the mountain, just touring skis, skins, sticks and safety gear in the bag, in addition to the wings. living in mountains, I ride about 2 days a week in season. For the water, the waves are more distant to go so it’s for a few trips a year.

Shaman V1 then V2 are perfect for my use on snow. It is a kite that tames very quickly. It is very similar to double-skinned kite, which I was used to, in terms of maneuverability, turns, and bar sensations. We therefore enjoy the advantages of a single-skin kite that are: weight, strength, wide wind range. It is a powerful wing whose shape remains well shaped (no unpleasant flap as on other models). Mixed with ski touring, you can easily get two kite in the bag for a full day.

More seriously the 5th line is very practical and works perfectly even in strong winds. It allows to be very quiet in muscular condition, to fold the lines then the sail without having to go to the wing.

Single-skin kites are more powerful than double skins. For my weight (rather light) and my practice (mountain), I use only the 6m. I do not need more. I would have only 6m2, but I also have a 4m2 in the bag for those days when the wind blows very hard. At the beginning of the past season, I thought rather be on 4 + 9, but I quickly realized that the 9 was too big for me and that the 6 was enough even for very light wind. Some loops allow to climb easily in the mountains, we lose a little bit of power, but we gain in maneuverability and it suits me better. On a flat spot, where you can not take advantage of the slope to gain speed, the 9 remains interesting for someone of my size.

Basically, there is for me a x1.5 coefficient with a single-skin compare to double-skins. I got now a 4 + 6 and before I use to have 6 + 9 double skins (so x1.5 the sizes)

There is a little thing that can surprise the first time when discovering the Shaman, it’s the possibility of making a skidded turn if you overload the wing, a bit like a training kite with handles. To avoid being surprised at first just slightly trim the wing. It’s very helpful to put the kite exactly where you want in the window without it getting faster, if the wind is strong or gusty.

I found the Iced bar V2 a little too heavy for my use “backcountry”. I’m very happy that Gin is proposing this year a simplified and lighter Iced bar V3, which fits this Shaman’s program better.
(Publish on Décember 2018)

Learn about Shaman sizes and prices, it’s here !!


test gin shaman

(Copyright, Jérome Josserand)


Gin Shaman V2 2019 Test – Thierry L.  1m87, 80kg

Old kitesurfer … former windsurfer and paraglider, preferably water, snowkite since 1994, kitesurf since 1998, about 100 sessions/year

I ride Shaman 6 and 9.
Very happy. Extremely light wings like all mono-skins, except that the Shamans have closed cell wing-side. As a result, they flap much less than Ozone Blizzards and Flysurfer Peaks. Very stable profile all the time especially in turns.They fly with very little wind, thanks to their weight.

The inter-cells also stabilize the profile which makes the wing super compact. I found incredible the stability during a turn, very close to a closed-cell foilkite thanks to the closed-cell on the ears.

Re-launch in any rag situation. As far as it’s not in the bag, it will take off.. 😉

This is the ultimate kite for those who wants to ride in hiking conditions. Very light and its reduced size, one can easily take 2 sizes and the Gin Iced Bar V3 in a bag that remains decent, which covers a gigantic range of wind. If you agree to add 2-3kg (1kg for the 6, 1.3 for the 9, a little for the harness) to your hiking bag, you have enough to ride if the conditions are good, certainly with more volume anyway.

Safety question which is an important point: the closed-cell foilkites or worse the water kites, keep a bottom of power even land on the ground. A mono-skin flat on the ground has nothing to say anymore. It’s the total kill and it’s very safe, especially in mountains.

For the one who wants to do the fly on slopes, or doing big jumps, I can not express myself too much but I do not have the impression that it would be the best choice.

I recommend it with no hesitation. Especially for someone who wants to learn snowkiting without having to take all his water kite equipment.

benefits ++
Weight, volume, size
Product quality
Local design by paragliders who know it…
Closed cells on the ears
Simplicity of implementation
Flight quality close to closed-cells kites

Inconvenient –
Hang time
The style… A super sharp wing is still beautiful …

(Publish on Décember 2018)

Learn about Shaman sizes and prices, it’s here !!