Slingshot Wakefoil Hover Glide Fwake V3 2020

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Technical info :

  • Aluminum construction : Mast and fuselage
  • Carbon composite construction : Front fender and stabilizer
  • Length of the mast : 61 cm
  • Length of the front wing : 68 cm
  • Stabilizer length : 42 cm
  • Fixing : Plate 4 screws

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Slingshot Wakefoil Hover Glide Fwake V3

The Slingshot Wakefoil Hover Glide Fwake V3 is a model for wakefoil practice that offers a perfect compromise between initiation and progression. Ideal to discover your first flights towed behind a boat. Its size and surface area offer lift and stability which makes it ultra easy to learn, progress and surf in wakefoil! Evolutive, it is intended for beginners in wakesurf foil as well as for the most experienced surfers. It is equipped with a 61 cm long mast.

Main features :

Built in aluminium (mast and fuselage) and carbon composite (front wing and stabilizer), it is solid and robust in its design.

Evolutive, it does not forget to be efficient and it will accompany you throughout your progress.

Easy assembly and disassembly
Completely segmented, it can be assembled and disassembled effortlessly with the right screws.

Sold complete with turntable, 2 masts, fuselage, wing, stabilizer and screws.

Sold without a board.